Our Values

The team of TEREZA generated a set of principles that drive our everyday work. Those are core principles that we follow as individuals and that are reflected in TEREZA´s strategies and activities.

2 + 5 


2 top priorities of TEREZA are:

5 core principles that we follow on our way to TEREZA´s mission:

Initiative – We are agents of change.

Each of us can be an agent of change for the world we live in as well as for our future. We believe in inspiring others through our own actions. We encourage individuals and communities to become active in shaping the world towards greener future.


Diligence – We do our best.

We strongly believe in the mission we have. We aim at the high quality services and products. For that we engage research and evaluation methods and we ask for feedback to our activities. We take the responsibility for both the successes and failures on our way.


Openness - We keep our minds and eyes open.

We are very much open to both innovative ideas and critical comments. We keep in mind that looking at our work from another perspective can be enriching. We are inviting you to flow with TEREZA´s dreams and to taste what is being cooked in here.


Respect - Respect is our daily bread.

We respect each person with his/her needs, conditions, opinions and attitudes. We support each other and believe that each of us has the potential to grow. In education, we support respectful communication and learner oriented approach.


Cooperation -  We achieve our goals better together.

We grow participative approach in our team as well as in the communities we work with. The team members often shape TEREZA´s mision and are invited to do important decion-making. We also build partnerships with other organizations and individuals to better achieve our goals.