Our Values

The values were invented on a team meeting of all employees. We wrote down what everyone thought and talked about it. We talked about how we understand the individual values and tried to sort and group them.

2 + 5 


2 essential values of TEREZA are:

5 values that are the most important for our work:

Initiative – We try as hard as we can.

We all co-create the world we live in. We have the determination to develop ourselves and to inspire others with our activities. We encourage others to change the world around us for the better.


Honesty – The best way we can.

We believe in what we do. What we do, we try to do the best. By ourselves or with the help of others, we reflect whether we are doing well or not. We feel responsible for both our successes and our failures.


Openness - We keep our heads and eyes open.

We are open to new information, other opinions and criticism. We welcome new ideas while bringing them ourselves. We like to let others take a look at what is being "boiled" in TEREZA and how economical we are.


Respect - Respect is our diary.

We respect the individuality of each person, his/her needs, possibilities, opinions and attitudes. We respect the freedom of individual decision-making. We support a respectful environment in education.


Cooperation - Together we can do more than on our own.

We work as a team and support each other. We provide people with the opportunity to participate in further direction of the organization. We believe in the abilities and potentials of others. We create partnerships to fulfill our vision.