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Our Programs

We help reconnect children with nature and the more-than-human world by their own experience, exploration and discovery.

We empower them to analyse challenges, look for solutions and take steps to make a positive change.
Today over 180,000 children are engaged in our programs through cooperation with more than 7,500 teachers and 11,000 parents.


Eco-Schools Program

Eco-Schools is the world largest sustainable schools program reaching over 59,000 schools in 68 countries. For a quarter of a century, Eco-Schools has been engaging young people in taking positive actions that transform their schools, their lives and their communities.

In Eco-Schools students with teachers make sustainability a true priority, which is not just taught about, but which is interwoven to school every day operation. They survey their school from „floor to ceiling“, from school grounds to school canteen and examine what can be improved in themes of waste, energy, water, transport, food, biodiversity or climate change. What they start with at schools, they often continue in their homes and local communities.

TEREZA is the national operator of the Eco-schools Program in the Czech Republic

  • 399 Eco-Schools in the Czech Republic 
  • 35 certified mentors and consultants to support teachers and students
  • 60,000 students involved
  • 176 schools won international Green Flag Award
  • 15 years of the Eco-Schools Program

Video about the Eco-Schools Program:

For more information see Eco-Schools international webpage: Contact Eco-Schools Czech Republic:

GLOBE Program

GLOBE (Global Learning and Observation to Benefit the Environment) is an international science and education program based on the network of teachers, students, scientists, partners as well as citizen scientists. In 2020, GLOBE Program celebrated 25th anniversary and involved 123 countries around the world.

Students explore the environemnt through scientific methods and help to improve the place where they live.
We support inquiry based science education and outdoor learning. Students collect data and do their own research. The data are submitted to an open-source GLOBE database (supervised by NASA), therefore they are available to scientists and general public.

Students focus on 4 areas:
Atmosphere, Hydrosphere, Biosphere and Soils

TEREZA is the national coordinator of the GLOBE Program in the Czech Republic

  • 125 GLOBE schools in the Czech Republic 
  • 12 members of the Czech GLOBE Scientific Board
  • 5 000 students involved
  • 30 schools participates every year in the international GLOBE Games conference
  • 25 years of the GLOBE Program

TEREZA hosts one of the 6 Regional Offices that GLOBE has around the world: Europe and Eurasia Region Coordination Office that supports development of the program in 43 countries.
The program is guaranteed by NASA and NOAA.

Video about the GLOBE Program:

For more information see the GLOBE Program international webpage: Contact GLOBE Czech Republic: .

Learning about Forests (LEAF) Program

To deepen students‘ understanding and appreciation of the natural world, it is essential that learning takes place outdoors and is based on observation and experience. While the focus of the international LEAF program is on tree-based ecosystems, the skills and knowledge acquired can be applied to any natural environment.

We want children to see the forest as a safe and exciting place that can be explored by all senses. They experience the trees, herbs, fungi, animals of our most widespread ecosystem and their interconnection personally, which helps to get them involved in its protection.

We motivate teachers to teach in the woods.  To make it easier for them we prepare methodologies and lesson plans using active learning pedagogies, carefully tailored to each grade of elementary schools.

TEREZA is the national operator of the Learning about Forests Program in the Czech Republic

  • 408 LEAF schools in the Czech Republic 
  • 16,000 students involved
  • Curriculum and lesson plans for K-12 grades 1 to 9

For more information see LEAF international webpage: Contact LEAF Czech Republic:

Young Reporters for the Environment

Giving an environment our voice!

The Young Reporters for the Environment empowers young people aged 11-25 to take a stand on environmental issues they feel strongly about and gives them a platform to articulate their concerns and suggest solutions through the media of writing, photography or video.

The programme is based on a four-step methodology which develops students’ critical thinking, expression of ideas, creativity and leadership skills. Every year the top YRE investigations participate in the annual YRE competition and are assessed by professional juries on national and international levels. The program also gives young reporters the opportunity to participate in international environmental conferences to further develop their skills and network.

TEREZA is the national operator of the Young Reporters for the Environment in the Czech Republic.

For details see YRE international webpage: Contact YRE Czech Republic: .


We Learn Outdoors Program

We help teach outdoors and make education natural again.

Outdoor education is a powerful tool with a large array of educational, social and health benefits. It enhances well-being of both students and teachers, boosts attention and academic results, makes learning valuable experience, improves class behaviour and develops environmental sensitivity – to name just a few.

TEREZA has formed a coalition of Czech NGOs to advocate learning in natural environments in formal education settings and provide a nation-wide comprehensive support and inspiration for teachers on their way out of the classrooms.

In particular through the program we:

  • Prepare textbooks and lesson plans for outdoor education in various subjects,
  • Make video tutorials on how to teach outdoors and make tools for it on your own,
  • Organize trainings, webinars and campaigns how to support children's outdoor time,
  • Have published a book, Tajemství školy za školou (Secrets of School Behind School) summarizing vast international research on outdoor education,
  • Educate teachers in long-term online courses (over 3,000 participants just in 2020),
  • Share ideas and advice on social networks (Facebook, Instagram),
  • Form a community of active teachers and parents who teach outside (Facebook group).

For details see We Learn Outdoors webpage:
Contact We Learn Outdoors Program:


Go Outside Program

Shared time outdoors is necessary for children healthy development and contributes to the satisfaction of the whole family. We encourage parents to re-discover the magic of play in natural settings and to spend more time outdoors with their children.

In particular we:

For details see Go Outside webpage: