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We reconnect education and nature
- for the benefit of both -

TEREZA, Educational Centre

We educate to reconnect our society with nature.

If we want our children to understand, appreciate and protect the more-than-human world we all depend on, we need to change what and how they learn.

TEREZA has been at the forefront of environmental and sustainability education in Czechia for a couple of decades. We started with grazing 3 goats, 17 sheep and hands-on protection of the Prokopské Valley in Prague in 1979.

Today, we educate over 180,000 children and collaborate with over 1200 schools and 11,000 parents all across our country.

We focus on long-term environmental education programs for schools, teachers and parents and help them empower children to enjoy nature, learn in natural environments, use inquiry-based approaches in science and develop environmental action competence for responsible citizenry.

You can find more about Eco-Schools, GLOBE, Learning about Forests, Young Reporters for the Environment, Go Outside and We Learn Outdoors in Our Programs page.


International networks

TEREZA hosts a Region Coordination Office (RCO) of the GLOBE Program for Europe and Eurasia area. The staff of RCO supports countries in implementation of the GLOBE Program on national level and assist to international collaboration of schools and GLOBE partners. The annual meeting of GLOBE country coordinators, scientists and trainers is organized by the office together with the host country. The office is also involved in development of the GLOBE program worldwide together with the other world regions.

For more information see GLOBE international webpage. Contact GLOBE Region Coordination Office for Europe and Eurasia:


Apart from the GLOBE Program network, TEREZA is a member of Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE).


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