Both the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board are an integral part of TEREZA. We are glad that we have been able to reach out to many experts whose knowledge we can use for our further development. We appreciate having a feedback from them.

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Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Since the beginning of the seventies, I have been dealing with the environment both professionally - today as a professor of the Charles University - and working for its improvement: as the Minister of the Environment after November 1989, currently as a teacher or as a member of the Government Council for Sustainable Development. I also held important international offices within the European Union and the United Nations (Chairman of the Scientific Council of the European Environmental Agency, Chairman of the UN Commission on Sustainable Development).

"I have been cooperating with TEREZA for more than 20 years and I continue to appreciate the work of all its employees, not only for their enthusiasm, perseverance and the beneficial effect of their activities, but also for the extraordinary care and quality, including the professional quality of their work."


Member of the Supervisory Board

As a biology teacher, I have always actively contributed to an environmental protection. Whether as a long-time director of the Secondary School for the Protection and Rehabilitation of the Environment - Schola Humanitas in Litvínov, as a Chairman of the Environment Committee of the Parliament of the Czech Republic or now in the position of deputy mayor for the environment in my native town of Litvínov. I like to hand my ornithological experience down to children especially from kindergartens in our town. I am taking care of a small farm and the education of my three children aged 5 to 13 years.

"Cooperating with TEREZA is my inspiration, especially for its efforts to positively influence the youngest generation in the care of the environment. The results of its work are admirable and strengthen me not only in the belief that the non-governmental and non-profit sector has an irreplaceable role in shaping our children's relationship to their surroundings, nature and active lifestyles."


Member of the Supervisory Board

Since 2000, I have been associating with NGOs. At the beginning, mainly in the area of ​​financial management, but gradually also in the areas of project management, lecturing and human resources. At present, I increasingly focus on issues of personal development, education, coaching and mentoring. I like to use my experience with managing endowments and grants, but also own resources of the organization, cooperation with accounting firms, stocktaking, controlling and other activities related to managing the organization. I am also a member of the POHODA organization´s Supervisory Board - a company for the normal life of people with disabilities.

"I met TEREZA some years ago and worked for the organization as a financial director. I have seen not only the nice times but also times that were much harder. Since I first entered Haštalská 17, I have never really been astray from it. That's why I think that my relationship with TEREZA can continue to serve the organization and I can contribute to its operation."



Chairman of the Board of Directors

Over the past few years, I've been taking care of my own business and our wine shops named Na břehu Rhôny. For already 25 years, I have been a member of the GEMINI Association, where I now act as an Admiral - Statutory Representative. Ten years ago, GEMINI co-founded and managed the Center for Democratic Studies. Here I am still a member of the Board of Directors. I was also at the birth of the Center for Civil Education, today at the Faculty of Humanities of the Charles University. That is why my business activities have an important purpose for the future - to help sponsor our two nonprofit organizations, in which we realize the mission that we truly believe in. To defend stagnation in my spiritual development, I lecture at the Faculty of Arts of the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice at the Department of Aesthetics and Art History.

"In TEREZA, I had the pleasure of working as an assistant to the then Director Jana, then for two educational programs and mainly as a lecturer and trainer when introducing an educational reform in the Czech Republic. TEREZA still attracts me for the fact that its activity has a deep and long-term meaning and not to be at least somehow a part of its fulfillment would be extremely inhumane."


Member of the Board of Directors

At present, I am the director of the elementary school in Jílové u Prahy. This position takes up most of my time. My enjoyment at work is a stay in the school garden, which is part of the large campus of the school. The specificity of our school is that we have a zoo-corner with small animals inside the school - from walking leaves to agamas. In the garden, we have a mini-farm with rabbits, goats and sheep. Among other things, we have won the title of Eco School for the third time.

If I have some spare time, I teach ethics, I dedicate myself to my family and grandchildren. I have been a town representative for many years, a member of the Board of Ethics of the Czech Republic.

For me, TEREZA is mainly associated with the Eco School and the Forest at School programs. I like the enthusiasm, the erudition and the energy of the people working in TEREZA. My presence at the Board of Directors is just a small fragment that complements the crystal mirror that does not reflect the image of today's world, but it rather changes it. I'm so grateful for the fragment.


Member of the Board of Directors

Next year, I will end a quarter century in Czech electronic media. I co-founded TV Studio 6, hosted TV Prima's motor and competition TV shows, TV Academy at CT 2 and for the last two years, I have returned to hosting at Czech Radio Two. What I love about my job is the fact that I can help spread optimism, good news and good mood, and that there are still places where someone supports such an approach. For many years, I have also been involved in projects of the Terra Klub charitable trust, such as the Eurorébus competition or the DreamCatcher project.

"TEREZA does something that sounds to me as a father of three children as very meaningful. If I can help, I'll help with a pleasure."


Member of the Board of Directors

I have been engaged in marketing and advertising for 18 years. I have worked for hundreds of brands in advertising agencies. For the past 3 years, I have been developing my BRAND FARM business. I concentrate on consulting marketing strategies, lecturing, and training. I teach media communication at the NEWTON College; I work as a senior consultant at the Hill + Knowlton Strategies. I recently joined the MOTIONHOUSE Company which creates animated explainer videos. Besides TEREZA, I am proud to help the Doctors without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières).

I have been working for TEREZA for several years, and it is my favorite because it teaches adults how to teach children to behave consciously to their surroundings and the environment. And it does it great.      


Member of the Board of Directors

As a little boy, I had wanted to be a gardener, and when I grew up, I was taught that socialist-realistic visual art is enriched by the smoke of the factories. I started suspecting then that such an economy does not do any good to nature and who believes in such a thing will not benefit the nature. My participation in founding the 9th organization of the Czech Union of Nature Conservation and then TEREZA thus seemed logical. I am a lawyer and from the beginning of the 1990s, I have also been active in communal politics.

Environmental education and its effects, it is a long-truck run, from the youth, so that when they grow up and perhaps make decisions, they do so with an insight. For a long time now, TEREZA has done it professionally, diversely and in large scale, focusing on the future; and that is why I like to support it.